Challenges in Home Security

Inside and out, keep your home safe – that’s the ultimate challenge. In today’s world, security alarm systems are vitally important, and so are other, more basic security steps.

First of all, make your property appealing – to you and your neighbors, not would be intruders! That means trim those shrubs and trees, get rid of any items in your yard that would make it easy for an intruder to use as cover – whether it’s an old camper shell left in the driveway or an unlocked storage shed. Illuminate your property: motion sensor lights are a great way to do this, triggering light to shine on the movement of expected and unexpected ‘guests’ alike. Be sure to leave lights on inside your home at night, whether automatically triggered or simply turned on before you go out for the evening. Making your home into a clean, well-lighted place is a major step in over coming any home security challenge.

Second, broadcast your security to the world. That’s right, plant that yard sign, slap up that window decal that advertises the security alarm system you’ve purchased to monitor your property. You wouldn’t park your car in a space clearly marked “no parking at any time,” right? Well, from a potential intruder’s perspective, he wouldn’t break in to a property essentially marked “no breaking in at any time,” either.

Third, lock those windows and doors. Sounds like common sense, of course. But sometimes you might be tempted, on a hot summer day, to leave that sliding glass door open or that upstairs window ajar just to let in a little breeze. Be sure to use dowels or rods to prevent windows or sliding doors that move horizontally from opening past a certain point. Use a pin system to prevent vertically opening windows from opening past a certain point, too. And be sure no one can reach through an open window to remove your blocking device – and set that device so that it won’t open more than six inches. That way you’ll allow cooling – but no access. Install quality locks on both windows and doors, and replace old wooden door jambs with secure metal plates. Remember, no security system will lock your doors or close your windows.

Next, engage your neighbor’s help. Get to know your neighbors and let them know when you’re going to be out of town or even out on the town. Offer to turn a neighborly eye on their property and they’ll take a look at yours, too.

And last but not lease – it’s time to select the home security system that’s right for you. The challenge in your decision here is to balance cost with effectiveness, ease of installation with accurate security. You need to make your decision based on your neighborhood, property size, and location. Motion sensors that trigger flood lights or alarms; camera systems that keep watch over your property and record movement; wireless or wired systems that are connected to contact local law enforcement should trouble occur,  are all features available in today’s security system marketplace. Your selection should be one that’s durable, one that can be easily maintained, and one that addresses all of your property needs, inside and outside of your house. The challenge is yours – meet it and defeat potential home intruders, today.