Pets and Home Security Systems: Mix or Match

dogHome security systems have long posed quite a conundrum for pet owners. In the past, home alarm systems were triggered by pet movement, causing pet owners to shut their pets up or shut them out of the house. Neither made for a very happy pet. And a home secured without sensors was not a fully secure home, making pet owners not very happy either. Today’s home security technology allows home owners purchasing a security system to use pet immune motion sensors. Pet immune sensors mean you can secure your home and keep your pet comfortably at home.

In the past, home owners worried about their pets comfort and safety versus the pets unfortunate ability to trigger a false alarm. Professional security installers could alter motion sensors to make them less likely to be triggered by the passing of pets, by covering a portion of the motion sensor lens, or even by utilizing unorthodox methods such as turning the sensor upside down. The problem: these techniques were not always fully reliable. A partially secured home simply isn’t that secure. But today’s pet immune system features dual sensors that rely on height and weight for detection of an intruder. The weight of your pet or pets and their height should be taken into consideration before a system is installed – but once you’ve adjusted the specs on your motion system, you’ll have security sensors that completely differentiate between an intruder in your home and your cats tumbling after a rubber ball or even your German Shepard wandering down the hall for a midnight snack.

With dual sensors, a false alarm is virtually impossible. Your dog or cat would have to literally trigger both motion sensing beams at once to trigger an alarm. Pets are simply not tall enough to trigger both beams. But any intruder will indeed register motion, and cause the alarm system’s sensors to activate the alarm. If your pet weighs over eighty pounds, you may want to install an upgrade to your alarm system, as standard pet immune systems allow for a maximum pet size of eighty to eighty-five pounds. But, such upgrades are simple to install and relatively inexpensive to purchase. Sensors can simply be installed with a different weight calculation entered into the system or adjusted for pet height.

Today’s pet immune sensors create a security environment that’s much easier for pet owners and their pets. In the past, pet owners often had to choose between purchasing an alarm system without motion detection capabilities,  locking their pet away from motion sensors, or keeping their dogs and cats outdoors to prevent alarm triggering. None of these solutions was particularly satisfying to home owner safety or pet comfort. But today’s pet immune innovations allow your pets the run of the house even when you’re not home.

While home security utilizing motion sensors used to be quite a mixed bag for home owners purchasing such a system, today’s technology makes motion sensing security an excellent match for home owners with both a pet and a security system.

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