Perimeter Alarms: Eliminating Safety Problems Before They Occur

Some times you need to solve a problem. But sometimes its best to prevent a problem from occurring in the first place. In regard to home or business security and safety, having an alarm system in place inside your home or work place will warn you if an intrusion has incurred, solving the problem of identifying an intruder in your residence or work place and notifying law enforcement about this serious problem. But having a perimeter alarm installed outside your property could eliminate any potential intruder problems before they occur.

Perimeter alarms protect the external area of your property. They can be simple and basic or technologically complex. Simple sensors that trigger exterior lighting to come on when there is motion on your property is a good, cost effective, easy way to protect your property’s perimeter. A more elaborate system would be a closed circuit camera system set up around your property to record and monitor any motion on your property. Silent alarms, voice alert or standard siren-type alarms can be set up for motion detection throughout your property as well. Drive ways, walk ways, and parking areas can all be set up for perimeter monitoring through illumination or sound alarm. If you have a pool, garden shed, garage, or storage area, you can set up an alarm system that protects all these areas through motion activated sensors which indicate the presence of a person or vehicle on your property. Perimeter alarms can be concealed, so that an intruder learns only too late for him that a loud siren will sound or flood lights will click on.

Perimeter alarms also protect the outside area of your home or business itself by connecting to your doors, windows, patios or sliding glass doors through a central system. Closed circuit perimeter alarms will indicate if any part of the circuit – any one entry area or portion of your external property  – is breached. Systems can be hard wired into your electrical system, or can be battery operated and wireless. Regardless of the type of perimeter system you select, most are monitored by a security company, so that once an alarm is triggered and the alarm company ascertains that there has been a security breach on your property, local law enforcement is notified.

Studies of home and business security reveal strong statistics that the risk of a break in is significantly reduced if you are utilizing a perimeter alarm system – by as much as fifty percent. Excellent odds of preventing a security problem before it occurs.

Of course, along with such an alarm system, you should take other additional steps to secure your property from the outside in. For example, utilize basic perimeter protection steps such as making sure your doors and windows are secured, that doors have peep holes for monitoring the outside premises, and dead bolts that work. Sliding glass doors should always be secured with a security bar. Replace basic window types with strong tempered glass to prevent easy breakage.

Utilizing these basic security elements and installing a perimeter alarm reduces risk of intrusion and adds up to a substantial safety savings. So – eliminate security problems before they even become a problem, and secure your property’s perimeter, and your peace of mind.

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