Determining What You Want from Home Security

Deciding what you want in home or business security is an important subject. It’s one that requires thought and consideration. In many ways, selecting a security system requires as much analysis as you devoted to selecting your property or building it. Security systems may be complex or simple deterrents, based upon your specific needs, location, and cost considerations.

The first step in choosing a security system is deciding just how much protection your property requires, based on its location, structure, and any built-in security features, as well as the amount of security that provides you with peace of mind.

First, look at what security measures your home or business already has. Do you have smoke detectors, dead bolts on your doors, grates or bars on your windows or doors, securely locking windows? Second, consider what valuables you have in your possession, and whether there are ways to prevent potential intruders from noting them. Do you have security shades, opaque draperies, a garage for recreational vehicles, double doors?

If you’re choosing an alarm to protect against intruders, does it have window and door sensors? Be sure there are enough sensors to protect all entrance areas to your home or business including side doors, windows, and porches. The more sensors an alarm system has, the more every potential entrance to your home is protected.

Does your alarm connect to a private security company, and how efficient is the company in notifying local authorities? Or does your system simply sound an alert, or notify you in case of an intrusion? Consider both how in-depth, and how connected to local law enforcement you wish your security system to be.

Light timers are another security feature to consider. These systems utilize sensors that trigger lights when someone moves in front of them. The excellent illumination of such lighting systems should be measured against the brightness of these lights in regard to your neighbors comfort as well as your own. You’ll also want to look into the placement and sensitivity of such light sensors so that a stray cat, passing possum, or wind-driven tree branch won’t trigger this alert.

Another consideration: the installation of highly secure panic rooms, which are specialized rooms as secure as a safe or bank vault. If an emergency occurs and an intruder enters your home or business, your family or employees can access this safety spot that outsiders simply cannot violate, until help arrives.

Short of the elaborate security of a panic room, a panic button can be placed anywhere in your home or business. Pressing it will silently alert the authorities.

So, when you select a home security system, carefully review your needs. Decide just how much security you need, and both the limitations and security expectations necessary to protect your home or business, your family or co-workers. Consider your neighborhood, proximity to other homes or businesses, any existing security systems, and the depth and strength of the system you require to safeguard both your property and your peace of mind.