Home Medical Alarms – Who needs them?

So who needs a home medical alarm? Possibly you do, or someone you love. For seniors or disabled individuals who live alone, a home medical alarm system can be a vital component in health and happiness. After all, even at home, there can be many risks of injury for elderly or disabled individuals. With a medical alarm system, you can help your loved ones stay safe from accidents, and prevent the possibility incurring unnecessary medical bills.

If you’re debating the benefits of a home medical alarm, consider the circumstances that can make living without an alarm a risk. Age is one strong factor. Studies have shown that individuals over the age of seventy-five tend to be at greater risk for injury from even a simple fall, for example. Disabilities are also a concern. If a person is frail, ill, or has been recently hospitalized, they may not be able to guard against minor mishaps, or may find minor injuries debilitating if they cannot get help quickly. Other disabilities to consider are vision or hearing problems, or the need to take medication regularly throughout the day.

Another factor: does the individual spend a great deal of time alone or live by themselves? If so, they are at greater risk for injury from small mishaps. Sometimes, time is of the essence in lessening the effect of even a minor accident. And, you should also take into account the neighborhood in which the person considering an alarm system lives. An area without friendly neighbors or easy access to services is the type of location in which a senior citizen or disabled individual may find a medical alarm to be a true life saver.

Finally, you should take into account any home safety hazards that exist, such as stairs, a bath tub not equipped for the handicapped – any such environmental road bumps that are not easily correctable.

All of these situations lead to a simple remedy: the use of a home medical alarm. Such systems favorably impact both seniors and the disabled living on their own. The alarms offer peace of mind to users, and create a sense of security in their lives. With an alarm system as an emergency back up, users can feel more confident and in control of their lives. When a user is home bound, the simple fact that the medical alarm system allows them to converse with a telephone operator for any reason of concern, increases both the user’s confidence and comfort.

The personal response service a medical alarm provides may also help users to connect with neighbors, family and friends. Asking a friend or neighbor to offer their phone number as an emergency contact can be a way of establishing rapport with others that the user might not otherwise have contact with regularly.

If you look carefully at all these factors, you’ll be sure to make the right decision for yourself or loved one regarding the purchase and use of a medical alarm system.