Keeping Your Children Safe – Pool Alarm Systems

Every parent wants to keep their children safe at home, school, or play. At home, security systems from burglar to fire alarms are designed to keep your family safe from hazards. There is one additional element you should be protecting your children – or other children in the neighborhood- from: water. If you have a pool or hot tub, water safety is a crucial concern. Most unintentional drowning deaths involve a child under the age of fourteen who has inappropriately accessed a pool or spa. And for every tragic drowning death, there are at least four additional near-drowning accidents according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The main reason for these accidents: children have snuck into a pool or spa unseen. It only takes a brief moment for a child to slip out of his parents or caregiver’s sight and fall into literal deep water. Even if a pool is fenced, gated, or covered, a child is still at risk for accidental drowning. The best was to prevent this is a pool safety alarm system.

Pool safety alarms use sensors placed on the sides of the pool to signal a command station positioned away from the water. If the sensors detect unplanned activity in the pool, the command station receives this information which then triggers a loud alarm to sound and alert pool owners. A remote keypad can be used to program pool alarms and set up timers to turn the alarm off and on at appropriate times for usage.

While having a pool security alarm system in place in your home is vital; parents of small children may want to consider an additional water safety device as well. Another type of alarm system to protect children is the use of individual wrist bands which, when wet, trigger an alarm to sound at a portable base station. These relatively inexpensive and portable systems work away from home as well as at the family residence. Parents and care-givers are immediately warned when a child’s wrist band touches the water. Base stations offer a substantial signal range depending on the type you purchase, allowing full safety coverage of your children within a reasonable distance. Wristbands commonly offer a three year battery life and portable base stations are able to connect with multiple wristbands for full family safety. For families with small children, combining both a wristband type of system and a home-pool based sensor system gives added protection.

For home owners with a pool, whether or not small children live at the residence, providing pool alarm security prevents neighborhood accidents and keeps your pool secure from vandals and intruders as well.

Remember, a secure gate can be slipped through or climbed over, covers lifted, fencing removed or cut. From both safety and security standpoints, if you own a pool, you should own a pool alarm system. And if you have small children afloat, consider additional child-worn security alert systems as well to keep your children safe.